4 Months Old

I’m a little late, but last Friday Josie turned 4 months old! She is growing wonderfully, particularly in the last few weeks she has really been racing through her clothes. What’s new and different?

  • She is wearing 9 month size clothes right now almost universally. We’ll get a weight-check on Monday at the 4 month checkup.
  • Her grabbing skills are about 75% accurate and she likes to grab my hair, my neck, and the skin under my eye (ouch!). She also grabbed the neighbors dog by the fur on the side of his mouth a few days ago, thank goodness the dog just wimpered in response as they were nose to nose! She has grabbed her first cat tail as well, George sat right in front of her with his back to her and swished his tail tauntingly. She grabbed it and gave it a little tug. George was surprised, but didn’t bother to move.
  • Josie gives me big wet open mouth kisses, often times trying to eat my nose.
  • She makes screeching noises now and shrill squeals of delight. They are sometimes hard to differentiate from upset cries, but we’re getting the hang of it. She also does raspberries. She seems to pick one noise per week to practice and ignores the other one.
  • She can sit upright by herself for a few seconds before toppling over. She can sit upright surrounded by the boppy for a long while. She also is pushing herself forward with her feet while on her stomach to reach toys that have fallen away. She can also stand a couple of seconds without falling over, although she doesn’t yet really grab onto things for balance, I have to hold onto her.
  • She enjoys other babies a lot. Especially other ones that can also stand and grab at her. She grabbed our neighbor Zach (2 weeks younger) by the mouth (ouch!), thankfully Zach didn’t mind either.
  • She swings in the bucket swing in the park, has been doing so for a few weeks.

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