Baby carriers: an addiction or a necessity?

I like wearing my baby and Josie likes it a lot more than the stroller as well. Turns out they make many different kinds of carriers for different situations. I’ve loved my Moby wrap to start with. We never really got into the sling as the one sided carrier isn’t comfortable. Now I’m exploring Mei Tai’s, Ergo’s and Beco Butterfly’s. I borrowed the EllaRoo carrier (pictured below) from the Boston Babywearers group and both Jordi and I are liking it pretty well. It is lightweight, uncomplicated and Josie seems to like it. Josie and I liked the Ergo, but Jordi seems to be less fond of it when we tried it. I’m trying to find a local Beco Butterfly so I can try it before I buy it. Eileen also introduced me to the idea of a sash carrier, which I’m now really interested in as it combines the best of the Moby wrap (poppability of baby in and out of the carrier) with the less fabric of the Mei Tai for shorter trips.

Close up of Josie in the Mei Tai

Josie in the Mei Tai

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  1. Ellen Sandoval Says:

    While obviously anything can grow to an addiction, most babywearing moms do develop quite a stash of baby carriers while they figure out what works best for them. Needs change over time and each child is different. What worked great for a newborn may not be suitable for a heavy toddler. And when your baby is learning to crawl and walk, they are very up/down/up/down so you will need something with poppability but it may not be the same thing you’d reach for if you have a child that sleeps on you for hours or if you are planning a long hike. Back carriers are indespensible when you need your arms free for carrying things. And so on. Over time, things settle out and you may find yourself favoring only a few carriers, at which time people often thin their stash. Or not! You might realize a new need that isn’t met by anything you have and start all over again searching for the perfect carrier. Like that dressy wedding coming up! Have fun with it but try to keep it under about 10 at any given time!

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