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I’m sure other moms (and dads) will have their opinions on these brands but I’m finding it crazy how differently the brands of baby clothes fit Josie. Some clothes she can still eek out the 3 month size (well ok those pants are now capri’s, and the shorts are short shorts) whereas others she is busting out of the 9 month size ready for 12 months. As of last week she weighed 12 lbs 10 oz and was about 24.25″ long. Josie in particular has a long torso, which means anything that goes from shoulder to over the cloth diaper behind (i.e. onesies and one piece pajamas) she outgrows much sooner than separates (shirts, dresses, pants). Here is what I’ve found for the brands:


MiniWear (babies r us brand) – These things are tiny. Josie is growing out of a 9 month size pajamas already in every dimension and other things we’ve worn were way undersized. Maybe they just shrink too much or something?

Gerber – these onesies are itty bitty, already in 9 months size soon onto 12.

Old navy basic pants – from the very start these things couldn’t really even fit over her cloth diaper bum. They are just tiny. Are the jeans any different in your experience because I’m thinking of picking some up for fall?


Carters – For Josie these seem to be fitting pretty well on track, are proportioned well enough, if not a bit wide for her thin frame. Works well over the cloth diapers as such. On the edge of the 6 month size moving into 9 month.

Old navy (non-pants) – While they are trim they seem to fit her pretty well and manage to fit in the bum
and aren’t super wide across the torso. Her bathing suit fits well too.

Overly wide:

Vitamins – While some of the outfits seem average proportion, these clothes might best be suited towards wider kids. She’s just wearing 9 months size now and they are roomy in the width, but not in the length. The quality is nice on these too.

Koala kids – These outfits are again wide for Josie without being roomy enough in the length. Quality is good too.

I don’t have enough experience yet with children’s place, gap, gymboree, and janie and jack clothes. Maybe others have opinions?

In the end, I often find myself reaching for the carters stuff for a single piece outfit because it is proportioned well and is surviving many washings while staying soft. For separates she has a lot more flexibility in their fit, and those outfits are getting worn their fair share. I’m looking forward to winter dressing with the cute different layers although I’m sure I’ll be cursing all those layers when changing diapers. That’s ok because I just washed a bunch more new bigger one piece carter’s outfits!

Josie on August 9th

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  1. Marcus Says:

    I find that the clothes that aren’t hand-me-downs that Xander wears the most are Carter’s and Jumping Beans, which is the Kohl’s brand stuff, I think. Gap stuff is good, but got to the back of the store and get the sale stuff only. Otherwise it’s crazy ‘spensive.

    And Gerber is too too small. Seriously. He was in 12 months when he was, like, three months old. It made us think our kid was a giant.

  2. Cheryl Says:

    Carter’s PJ’s are awesome. In terms of daytime clothes (pants, shirts, overalls, onesies, etc.) The brands that are closest to age in our experience has been Carter’s, Osh Kosh, Gap, Old Navy & Circo (Target). I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Circo stuff. The onesies are much nicer than the Gerber packs. The ones we have are the kind with the snaps at the neck instead of the overlap shoulder neckline, which always look like a bad 80’s off one shoulder flashback to me.

    RJ has some other brands mixed in too, but we have a Carter’s, Osh Kosh, & Gap Outlet in the neighboring town (soon to be our actual town) so those really make up the bulk of his wardrobe and we’re happy with the quality. And since we also shop the garage sales in our area from time to time, I get the sense that all the other parents shop at those places too – either that or the clothes that are nice enough to pass on are from those places. Either way, it’s a good sign. We’ve gotten some Children’s Place stuff as gifts and they tended to run a little bigger – not dramatically so, but he was able to wear a 9 mos. sweatshirt when all the rest of his clothes were 12 mos. VERY nice quality stuff.

  3. Sharona Says:

    Janie and Jack runs long in the torso. The separates are fairly true to size in my opinion. I agree that Carters are true to size.

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