Behind the 8 ball

This blog has been quiet for a little while as I’ve fallen behind documenting our adventures with Josie. The short of it is that she’s had another cold and her lack of sleeping has continued until the last couple of days where she now _only_ wakes up 3 times a night, which allows me to feel mostly human. For the record she used to only get up once or twice, how we long for those days! My grandmother also came to visit which required a lot of attention and schlepping out to my parents house for visiting.

So what’s new you ask? Josie can now grab things with decently good accuracy and manipulate toys. This has been fabulous when it comes to her entertaining herself in the car playing with toys. She will grab your hair and your glasses and she’s caught the cats a few times. Thankfully she doesn’t pull much yet. Elephants thankfully have lots of great places to grab.

Josie with her pink elephant

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