Adventures in bottle feeding

Last week after she hit the one month mark we decided to start introducing Josie to the bottle so that she’ll be able to eat while mom goes back to work. I pumped about 3 oz while she was sleeping to be ready for her when she awoke. We started off slowly with only half an ounce of milk so as not to waste it if she hated it. She took a few tries but she got the hang of it and sucked the milk down in a matter of seconds, and then started screaming. Jordi frantically rushed to the kitchen for more milk and we added another ounce. Which again, she sucked down and then screamed for more. Hating to hear her scream, we then put all of the rest of the milk in the bottle and so she of course took a little more, and then decided she was done, leaving lots in the bottle (note for the non-parents: once the milk has touched saliva it can’t be frozen and saved for later). We had no idea how much she eats in a feeding at that point because as a newborn she’d eat maybe half an ounce to an ounce at a time and breasts don’t come with lines marking fullness. She finished up the rest a short time later after a catnap.

We tried again this week and gave my dad the privilege of trying the bottle for his birthday. She seemed to have forgotten how to drink from the bottle again and was refusing it. I tried with her a little later and she managed to get some of it down as perhaps it wasn’t so unusual to be fed by mom. Grandpa finished giving her the bottle once she figured out how to use it again and all was well. So it’s going to take some practice to get her used to other people (notably grandma since she will be doing daycare) giving her a bottle which we will do over the next several weeks.

Grandpa feeding Josie

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  1. Marcus Says:

    Man, you guys are pretty lucky there. Or maybe we’re just really unlucky? Because Xander will NOT take the bottle. He knows what’s in there. He knows how to use it. Oh, he knows. He just H-A-T-E-S it.

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