Likes and dislikes

I’m a little behind on posting pictures and info so this photo is a little over a week old, but it is a great smile!

Josie is showing a lot of preferences for likes and dislikes now. For instance, the worst thing that ever happens is that her hat covers her eyes. She makes noise like someone is torturing her. Last week she started to see things in her mirror and really liking it. So I got her a mirror for her bassinet to help her be happy and calm if she’s awake but not yet hungry in there. She likes her baths now and spending time in the water, although the water has to be warm (more on that later). She also likes dancing to Weezer, especially their new CD and their song “Troublemaker“.

Josie relaxing in her tent

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  1. Sonya & Arturo Says:

    SHE SMILES !!!!

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