Rachel’s Baby Shower – gratuitous baby photos

Yesterday I had an enjoyable afternoon at our friend Rachel’s baby shower. A huge percentage of our married friends have had children this year which means there were a bunch of new babies to meet! We ate, played a few games, and opened gifts. Here are some cute photos from the day:

Sharona and Lilia

Sharona and Lilia


Ryan (Saru and Justin’s Son)

Jace and Deb

Deb holding Jace (who unfortunately was feeling a little under the weather)

4 Responses to “Rachel’s Baby Shower – gratuitous baby photos”

  1. Mike Mulligan Says:

    I was going to raise issue with your choice of adjective in the phrase “gratuitous baby photos”. I googled the two phrases “baby photos” and “cat photos”, certainly expecting the total number of results on the latter to dwarf the former. I was wrong, it is 2:1 in favor of “baby photos”, so yes, there must be too many baby photos on the web.

  2. Alice Chong Says:

    Who does Jace belong to?

  3. jen Says:

    Jace is Heather (Zeta) and Steve’s son.

  4. Stefanie Says:

    I wish I could have been there with Xander for the photo op.

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