Decorating the room

After the excitement of yesterday’s baby shower, we still had enough energy to work on some more baby projects and so we went to two fabric stores to try to find fabric for the baby’s room. I will be making curtains, a quilt, a lampshade, and decorative swatches for the changing table out of this fabric and coordinating ones. The paint color for the room will also be based off of the fabric. We’ve got one more store to hit today, but so far this is our front runner:

Bunny fabric

The green is a little more lime (yellow) as opposed to mint than the photo shows. The bunnies are 2 1/4″ tall. We’d paint the wall a yellow matching the circles. We could also then add some orange highlights matching the carrots. The wood color behind the swatch is what most of the furniture in the room will be (crib, armoire, bookcase) but we will also have one dark wood piece (changing table) and the trim in the room is also a dark orangey wood). We like it because it’s juvenile but not too babyish. Another important criteria is that, although we’ve been told we’re having a girl, if the ultrasound was wrong and we have a boy we do not want to feel like we need to redo the room. We have one more store to look at today and maybe we’ll be able to make a final decision soon.

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  1. Carlos & Sonya Says:

    Wow! I’m going to be an Uncle…umm cousin. You know what I mean. I’d love to paint something for the room (On Canvas). The baby has yet to watch a Disney movie or cartoon but if you can decide on some character (Muppet babies, Disney, Warn-A-Brother, Transformer) I’ll slap it on a canvas once you give me the go ahead.

    I got the pics from the wedding THANKS VERY MUCH! I wasn’t expecting…(Pun). I love you guys very much. If you got some time and space in May (Before Sean’s wedding) Sonya and I would like to visit for a couple of days to kiss the baby and maybe help change a diaper or two…Muchos besos!


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