P52 #52 – Rufus the reading dog – And the kids one year later

We love our local library, we spend lots of time there and check out oodles of books each week. This fall they started a program called ‘reading to a dog’ and we have joined them three times now for it. This week it was very popular and only one dog came so all three shared the ten minute time slot and were very patient with the dog. The first time only Celia went, and she liked it pretty well. The second time there were two dogs, and not many kids so both Josie and Ewan elected to read to the dog. I picked a book for Ewan without any words. This week he had anticipated the dogs and picked out the stack of books he wanted to read to Rufus two days ahead of time. The day before Ewan was practicing reading them to me so he’d be ready for the dog. Rufus is a big big dog, and he likes to lay his paw on you while you read and connect. Josie found his paw rather heavy and kept trying to move it off, while he kept trying to put it back on. Josie read him several pages of a dolphin dreamer book, Ewan “read” him Go Dog Go and Maisy Drives the Bus, book he’s memorized mostly. Celia at the end took a few pages of Maisy for Rufus and fun was had by all.


And that does it! 52 weeks, a whole year of all three kids! I love having captured so many more of the everyday moments of the three of them. I think I may have to do it again, but I also think I may take a short break. I was also considering trying to get better at my iphoneography and pushing myself with that too. I’ll have to decide, but for right now I’ve got a cold and I just want to relax. I should also print off a book of this year!

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    Thanks for the posts! Looking forward to whatever comes next.

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