P52 #49 – Reading on the couch


One of my favorite scenes always is Josie reading to the other two and letting me get some things done without so many interruptions. Although you can see that Ewan isn’t so super excited about the choice of book. Josie picked this book out to give to Celia for the holidays this year and they both like it. Ewan prefers shorter books.

Even in this one small photo I can see all the things that we’ll be changing soon this next year. This couch will hopefully be retired to at least upstairs for a play couch if not entirely put out to the curb. The chicken on the wall and the curtains will be taken down as we move upstairs. The kids will all be one year bigger, maybe Ewan will decide to wear pants more often. Celia will be reading herself full books (she can do bits and pieces now and is learning more each day). Happy New Year!

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