P52 #44 – Tanya’s gymnastics

It is a tradition for my kids to take the local recreation gymnastics class with coach Tanya. Josie and Celia both did it for years and this year it’s Ewan’s turn to run, tumble, jump and hang around. Josie and Celia get to tag along and they’re thrilled, always ready to jump right in. Ewan, today, did not want to participate, but it only took a few minutes of watching before he was out of his seat jumping around too. Today he learned to pull his feet up on the bar as you see below. He also loves to show off his rolls down the slanted mat and jumps onto and off of everything. Josie and Celia have to watch out for the little ones, but the class is pretty small so they can practice their gymnastics tricks too on the mat and the bar which is hard to practice anywhere else.




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