Cape Cod 2015 (part 1)

As summer draws to a close, let’s see what I can remember from our fun trip to Cape Cod this year. We went at the end of July and stayed in the same house as last year which thankfully we all enjoyed the copious space and bathrooms. It is a nice three bedroom, three bathroom house with a pool in the backyard. We had a slow start to the week with some not so great weather but we enjoyed some indoor activities such as science projects, painting, and other art.



Each year since Josie was little, I’ve taken the kids out early one morning to the beach to have some dunkin donuts and play on the beach while everyone else sleeps in. I take pictures, they enjoy some morning quiet time. Lately though the kids are sleeping in too late for the sunrise, I started when they used to get up waaaay too early. This year though, there was a fairly heavy but not total cloud cover that I knew would burn off as the morning got going. So I rushed them out the door, found a new local tiny beach that was only a few minutes away, and had them try HoneyDew donuts and egg sandwiches instead. We made it to the beach and I got a bit of good sun, and enough shade to take some fun pictures at least although not the most gorgeous ever. They did a whole bunch of shell collecting and watched some kids show up to an early morning boating camp.




We went back to HoneyDew a few times as I took each of the girls out for some one-on-one time with me during Ewans nap. Donuts are much bigger than dunkies!

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