Ewan is 2!

Last month Ewan turned 2 according to the calendar, but he picked up the attitude for 2 several weeks before that. He’s decided he has a lot more opinions on how he lives his life, and what he does with his time and he’s not too concerned with our opinion on his ideas. It’s his way, or the high way, or some clever convincing on our part. He has gotten a lot pickier in his eating and won’t even try a lot of foods that he’s previously enjoyed. He also will not be easily deterred from touching and man-handling something that he’s interested in, or retrieving the stool from the bathroom to read something up higher too. He keeps us on our toes.

Ewan is a very happy and energetic guy if he’s gotten enough sleep. He loves to run, jump, pose, point, yell, twist, dance and bounce. He always wants to be on the move and loves to spend time outside, digging in the sand or riding on his bike. For his birthday we took him to Drumlin Farm where he could see the animals, pet the goats and enjoy farm life (before the heat became too much). He has loved to visit Wright-Locke farm which is near us in Winchester and feed the goats carrot peels. When he comes home, and any other time he can get a gate or fence object he uses it to ‘play goats’ where he is the goat that is locked up and then escapes. Then he needs to be herded back into his pen again. He likes to be petted.

In other animal related stories, Ewan calls horses “neigh-boos” because of the sound we have them make with a whinney and then a snort. Jordi does it best. He’ll point out all the neigh-boo’s on the sheets, in the books, driving through the country last week. It’s funny and cute.

Never one to be left out, Ewan also loves to dress up with the girls, including the sparkly tutus. He’s got one small blue one that he considers his own and chooses every time.

Another of Ewan’s favorite games is to play “google express”. That means he rings the doorbell, announces that it’s google express, brings a package into the house and opens it for us. Before doing it again and again. It’s a good thing there aren’t any more neighbors upstairs to be bothered by the bell ringing.

One of Ewan’s most endearing traits is his kindness when his sisters get hurt. He’ll drop everything (including stop nursing) to run to their side and help them stand up and give hugs. I’m glad to say that he’s learned it from them (and me) about how to help someone when they fall down. Let’s hope he continues to keep his loving tradition. Of course we often have the kids hurt because he whacked them with something, he’s not usually so comforting then, more when they fall down on the sidewalk or something.

Just in the last few weeks even his vocabulary has been booming! I hear new words all the time now and he uses full sentences occasionally and usually 3 or more words at a time. He can definitely tell better stories, but he’s also learned how to interrupt more effectively. But we’re onto him as it’s clear he understands what he’s doing!

  • Size/weight: 2T month clothes, 25 lbs
  • Favorite food: breastmilk, pasta, sweets, broccoli
  • Favorite toy: other people
  • Favorite book: A Birthday For Cow (or he calls it ‘toot!’ because it’s the first word in the book)
  • Favorite activity: running and biking
  • Sleeping: bedtime ~8:35; one short nap at 1:30; gets up 6:30am
  • New skill: All those words
  • Teeth: I should check, haven’t looked in a while
  • Vocalizations: Whole sentences!


Ewan at 2



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