P52 #32 – The Teepee In The Backyard

This week, some arborists came to cut down trees around the electric wires. They cut some of our tree, and some of other peoples trees, and made a lot of big sticks. We watched them for the better part of an hour noticing how the cherry picker part went up and down, and how the wood chipper worked. Then I decided that we could ask them for some big sticks to make a tent out of and the gentleman working the wood chipper was very amenable and cleaned up 8 big sticks for us from the trees. We took them out back and made a teepee from an old sheet and they colored on the sheet with marker. It took a lot of self control on Ewan’s part not to just knock the whole thing down, he’s still really into destruction these days. We ate our snack in it.


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