P52 #29 – Just pretend I’m not here

Every summer we’ve been going to cape cod, and for a number of those summers now I’ve taken the kids out early one morning to the beach with some breakfast in hand from a local donut shop to take some pictures (and let everyone else sleep in the quiet). We’ve been going in July lately and so to really get up early enough to be up for sunrise we’d have to be moving WAY earlier than I’d ever want to be. But we got lucky this morning at a semi-normal time of 6:30 we got up and the sky had heavy but not complete cloud cover which gave me some light but not too much and we had a hit. I’ve got tons of pictures from our trip but they’ll be doled out slowly as I manage to make it happen and edit them. For now, here’s them early on the beach in their own clothes, handily ignoring that my purpose is to take pictures of them in a lovely setting. This was a new tiny little beach but very close to the house and it worked out great.

Celia, Josie and Ewan

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