P52 #26 – He’s a winner he’s a winner!

After dodgeball

Today we had lots of physical activity. In the afternoon Google took us on a summer outing to SkyZone for fun on trampolines. The kids jumped for almost two hours and also ate lots of snacks and sandwiches. The menu was basically designed for Celia, they had tomato and mozzarella bites on a skewer that she could shovel into her mouth as fast as she could chew. Then she took a whole other plate home of them to eat for dinner. Above you see them all just after Jordi won a dodgeball game on the trampolines. Then after our time bouncing we went to see Jordi’s softball team eek out a close win in a high scoring game where Jordi got two triples. After the trampoline park, the kids were actually willing to sit mostly still for an hour and a half!

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  1. Pama Says:

    Looks like everyone had a great time!

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