Javi and Bruna came to visit… a few months ago

So a few months back, like mid-April, Jordi’s brother and his girlfriend came to visit us! They are very chill visitors and mostly just hang out with us doing our regular thing. They first came in and we took them to Josie’s choir rehearsal since it was that afternoon and they got to see her enjoy her music lessons. Then we enjoyed some easy dinner at home with everyone. Since it’s been a few months I am now sadly getting spotty on which day we did what, but one day we took them to Google offices to see the sights and enjoy some lunch with Jordi. Then they headed into town, I think this was all on Monday. Saturday we had swim lessons in the morning and they took the opportunity to relax without the craziness of kids for a few hours. One of the days we went to the zoo! Javi walking with Ewan

Javi showing Ewan the big cats

Josie, Bruna, Celia, Javi and Ewan

Don’t they look great with three insta-kids! I like how Josie is wearing a t-shirt and Javi has a hat and scarf on. That’s April for us around here, we’re ready to break out the tshirts!

I remember having a lot of fun, and particularly in the evening we played Cards Against Humanity which was hilarious. We’ve had the game a while, but hadn’t really found the right company to play it with until now. Hope they’ll come visit again soon!

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