P52 #17 – Bike gang

We’ve had a great spurt of gorgeous weather lately and have spent tons of time outside. Josie got her new bike for her birthday last week and so with the hand-me-downs everyone’s got their own new bike! We do a lot of biking around on the driveway (and the nicer driveway next door). It will be really nice to get the driveway fixed, hopefully later this year. Celia took less than a week to learn to transition from the balance bike to a full-on two wheeler. Josie picked up using her hand brake at the same time. Ewan has now moved on to sitting on the balance bike instead of just walking along with it in-between his legs, he’ll be off to the races pretty soon too! He is over the moon to ride along with the girls and even enjoyed a trip in the trailer (squished in with Celia) behind my bike over the weekend as well.

Bike gang

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