P52 #13 – Storytime at home

Celia has started to learn how to read as she knows most of her letter sounds now and she’s starting to be able to put it together with help. She also likes to hold her own storytime at home now for her captive audience (Ewan) who is very appreciative of anyone who reads ‘Birthday For Cow’. For now she’s memorized it, but she’s starting to show us signs that she’s understanding all the letters around her! Ewan wants this book read multiple times a day. The book tells the story of making a cake (without turnips) and so all I want at the end of the story is some cake. The moral of the story is to think about what the person really wants for their birthday though (turnips in this case), but I really just think we all want some cake.

Celia reading a book

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  1. papa Says:

    Celia read “Birthday For Cow” to me on Sunday. She really is getting the hang of reading, she is doing more than memorization.

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