So Ewan did this on Sunday morning

Broken dishwasher

New one coming on Friday, but shopping for a dishwasher was not how I intended to spend our Sunday. I can actually still run it luckily if I jam it shut in place with a chair and I plan to make the controls into a neat electronic dissecting project once we’ve got a new one ready to go!

One of the salesmen at the store tried to sell me on how one dishwasher might be better because it was harder for the kids to open. I just looked at him blankly before telling him that my children are expected to put their own plates in the dishwasher and empty it and therefore need to be able to open the door. I’m guessing he doesn’t have kids and his mother did everything for him.

Let’s hope this is the last major appliance of ours that he breaks.

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  1. papa Says:

    Didn’t try duck tape?

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