Celia turns 4!

Two weeks ago our little Cecilia turned 4! I feel like I’ve been seeing some big changes with her recently from her diction and language to her manners and self control. Here’s what she’s been up to!

She started school at Sunshine in the beginning of September and she loves it. Every day when I ask her how school was her answer is ‘great!’ Actually that’s her answer when I ask her about most everything, how did she sleep? great! How was t-ball? great! How was dinner? err actually she has a lot of complaints about dinner lately . She’s always happy to go right into school and her teachers tell me what a great kid she is and how well it’s going. It’s a bit tiring for her, but she loves the writing center where she makes at least three notes/pictures and envelopes each day (often of a sun, or a potato lately). When the weather has been good she loves the sandbox and digging for shells and other things they hide in it. She has trouble telling me what they did at school most days beyond the very big highlights (like snack) but she’s giving me more information as time goes on.

Academically they don’t do much at school, at home now I’ve been working with her on reading and math. One of her favorites is ‘candy math’. I literally hand out candy (candy corn and pumpkins right now) and she uses it to help figure out math problems like how much is 3 plus 7. We have also been working on the vowel sounds which has been a challenge, but she’s picked up the consonants pretty well already without me working on them. There’s no rush so I keep trying to find new games to help her internalize those sounds.

One thing Celia and I like to do together is play games. She just got a great new handful of games for her birthday that we’ve been playing together. She can almost count out her spaces right on the games every time. She likes to play uno, go fish, the farming game and lots of others. She also likes to help me cook by measuring, mixing and washing fruits and vegetables.

Out of the house Celia is taking ballet lessons and just finished up a series of t-ball classes. She liked t-ball, it made her run a lot and we’ll see if she wants to do it again in the spring. She enjoys her ballet class and has been learning some grace and some of the positions. Otherwise running is a great strength of hers and she wants to do soccer when she gets the chance. Celia has also been quite the monkey at the rock climbing wall at the ymca, although now they moved the handholds and it’s a bit more challenging!

At home Celia is a huge fan of dressing up, playing pretend and reading. It’s tough keeping clothes on her and she is resisting the season change very much. She loves for Josie to read to her. She also often chooses to play lego’s during Ewan’s nap time. We also recently moved her bedtime up earlier, and let Josie’s fall later as we try to figure out how to get three kids to bed in two rooms when they have different sleep needs and habits. I think her behavior has improved remarkably since we got her to sleep earlier, and now I get some more one on one time with her right before bedtime.

  • Size/weight: Mostly 5T, just a few 4T’s
  • Favorite foods: cheese, tomatoes, pasta
  • Favorite toy: doll stroller
  • Favorite book: Fancy Nancy series
  • Favorite activity: digging and getting dirty
  • Sleeping: bedtime ~7:40; gets up about 6:30
  • New skill: go to school!
  • Teeth: holding steady with all 20
  • Literacy: working on those short-vowel sounds. She can identify them in the front of words, but it’s tricky alone or asking her to just produce them.

Celia up close!

Celia jumping with her birthday balloons

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  1. Pama Says:

    This is a great shot of our spirited Celia. She is always flying!

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