Ewan is one year old

Well I’m still a bit late to this party, trying to catch up but time keeps flying by and our evenings are short. So here I go for another better late than never edition of life with my kids! Ewan is so not a baby anymore. He’s up, he’s running, he’s climbing, he’s into everything. He uses a bit of language and sign-language and expects the world to obey his every command. Watch out if you’re not obeying fast enough. Thankfully he’s still pretty easily distracted, but he has figured out now that we sometimes have the nerve to understand yet not comply with his requests, and that makes him mad.

Ewan’s favorite toys right now are balls, bean bags, books, things he can throw basically. He kicks the balls too after watching Josie play soccer. He’s also quite fond of sticks, rocks and wood chips, pretty typical for a toddler. He likes to build towers a couple of blocks high, but mostly prefers to knock them down, especially the ones that I build.

He loves to go outside and can clearly signal that he’s ready by pointing to the door, or sitting down, pointing to his shoes and lifting his foot up at you. He loves to play at waldo park watching the other kids and just these last few weeks he’s learned how to climb up the stairs, slide down the slide and last week he went up the chain ladder for the first time. So basically the playground is a good workout for me now too. He loves to dig, push and fill and spill. Swinging is also popular and can even convince him to walk all the way to Waldo on his own two feet.

Ewan understands when we ask if he wants a book and will pick out one (or a few) and bring them back and sit with you. He won’t let you turn the pages yet and generally won’t listen to more than a few pages at a time. He also likes me to stack up books so he can knock them too.

Ewan is always up for dancing to some music, by again pointing to the ipod and doing a little dance. He’s so very pleased with his communication abilities now and all his new skills. He can also say a handful of words including ‘hola, push, hi, mama, more/mas, out, cat, hello, bye’. He is a fantastic hugger and always looking for the silly side of life. He’s most pleased with himself now when he shows that he understands how the world works, such as how to stack up library books (out of his reach), pushing the button for the cross light signal or even our own doorbell.

We had a bad several weeks with new teeth coming in, now he’s got the top molars on both sides partway erupted. I won’t be sad once they’re all through, he wants to eat food that requires chewing with them (like lettuce and red peppers) but can’t do it yet. We’re hoping they’ll all finish soon and we can get back to some good sleep for everyone. He gets himself very tired with all the climbing!

  • Size/weight: 18 months clothes; 20 lbs 9oz, 31 inches tall for his one year checkup
  • Favorite food: breastmilk, cheese, pasta, banana, raspberries, blueberries
  • Favorite toy: ball, whatever his sister has
  • Favorite book: baby cakes
  • Favorite activity: Pushing things and playing outside
  • New game: stacking the blocks, controlling the world
  • Sleeping: bedtime ~8:00; one short nap at 1:00; gets up 7am (on the good days, 6am on the bad)
  • New skill: more words and sign language
  • Teeth: 10. Top molars are part way in!
  • Vocalizations: lots of mama yelling along with the girls, plus the words above!

Ewan on his birthday


Above shot is from his actual birthday, below is recent with him telling me what he wants to do with my camera (touch the lens).

Ewan telling me what to do at 13 months

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