Mount Laundry

While I’m laying in bed helping my kids to get to sleep I think about things, like how I don’t want to fold and put away all the laundry that is always amassing. I don’t mind washing and drying it, it’s the folding and putting away that is the hardest part. And I even make my kids put away their own clothes, except Ewan of course, he tends to be better at emptying drawers than filling them. I also gave up sometime after Josie was born with sorting clothes before washing them. So far no mythical laundry police have come to arrest me for not doing that. Sometimes if there’s a big enough pile I try to just put sheets and towels in together. But why?

Plus I consider, why should I fold it all, it’s just going to be worn again? The girls unfold the laundry as they put it away, even if they do help me fold it sometimes. If I’m lucky my mom will always pick up a basket or two when she comes over to fold, but maybe I should just make a big pile and we can just put the clean clothes in it. We all wear easy-care clothes anyway, nothing really wrinkles too much and I could put those away special. I could get valuable time back in my day.

I can just imagine the pile, I’d put it at the end of Ewan’s bed so that when he falls off the bed (which has really only happened once so far) he’ll hit something soft. Things that remain in our drawers really should just be given away because we don’t wear them regularly. What a good way of finding our excess clothing!

But alas, the problem is the feline population of our house. They too would love to climb and sleep on mount laundry. Anywhere they sleep unfortunately will at least have cat fur, and then every few days it would end up as Mount vomit when they spew up a hairball. Then I’d have to wash it all again. But at least I wouldn’t have to fold it.

I remember one of my best friends in high school’s family made the kids fold all the laundry. I think that will be the forthcoming solution, just as Ewan starts to understand how to fold instead of destroy.

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