Cape Codder resort — again!

Oh how I keep falling behind on here, lots to keep us busy elsewhere! Earlier this month Josie decided that instead of a party, she wanted us to go to the Cape Codder Resort again with my parents for the weekend. She had the whole thing planned out, at least for the swimming and eating part of the weekend. She took us to Olive Garden on Friday night, Dunkies, Friendly’s and a local burrito place on Saturday and then IHOP and Not Your Average Joes on Sunday. And in most all of these places she told them it was her birthday trip and so we got lots of fun bonuses of singing and cake and ice cream. It was the first time my parents had ever been to the hotel and they enjoyed getting to see what we do every year! Since it was May and not February we got to spend some real time in the outdoor pool enjoying the lack of chlorine and some real sunshine. It felt nice and warm and not insanely freezing or snowing on our heads while in the pool. Josie and Celia have really been taking to swimming more lately as they’ve been taking lessons at the Y. Ewan mostly got put in the pool right when he was ready for naps, so I was often bringing him back to the room to snooze after a short time.

We had a good weekend and it was great to have the adult favored ratio of adults to kids. I even got to go shopping for a new bathing suit. On the way home we stopped at a beach to enjoy for a short time before some heavy rains came in. Ewan enjoyed his first time in sand since last summer. Lots of pictures!

All the kids in the pool

Jordi and Ewan


All of us before hitting the road home

Josie at the beach

Ewan on the beach

All the kids digging

Ewan and Papa

Watch out for that cloud!

Ewan lounging on the beach

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  1. Pama Says:

    Thanks to Josie, for showing us great time!

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