Nothing says spring in New England like swimming

The girls started a new set of swimming lessons this spring. Josie was super excited as they moved her up two levels after the first day. Celia was not so pleased by the second lesson though because now her sister wasn’t in class with her anymore (although they were at the same time). But we persevered and went to family swim as well to help her get more comfortable and now they’re both swimming like fishes. Well sort of, Celia swims like a fish with a big piece of styrofoam on her back, and Josie swims like a fish with a lot of water getting in it’s mouth, but it’s been big progress for both of them.

They’ve just about finished up the first session and will start a second to keep the moment going for summer. Josie got moved up a level so she’s thrilled, Celia’s teacher says she made fantastic progress, but will need to learn to swim with fewer bubbles on her back (4 currently) before she’ll be ready to move on to another level. Celia has thus far refused to move down to three bubbles, but she says she’s going to jump in off the block next time. This past week was ‘peek week’ which meant the parents got to come in with cameras and take pictures. I was the only looney one doing that pretty much. But I’m pleased. My dad came and hung out with Ewan so I wouldn’t be trying to balance a baby and my camera next to the water.

Josie hanging on the side of the pool






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    I see happy faces!

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