You already knew we were weird right?

One of the big changes we made around here, in addition to Jordi’s new job, was in February we took Josie out of public school. We did this for a number of reasons, which I’m happy to discuss not in a public forum like this, but in short, she wasn’t happy. We’ve had her at home and she’s come back to being her usual mostly delightful self. It’s a bit adjustment to have three kids here full time, especially for Celia who had gotten used to having more one on one time with me, and that’s getting more rare as Ewan drops his nap too. We’re getting into a routine though and finding more things to do in addition to having more time to play with friends in the afternoon, because playdates were not working when Josie was in school, it was just too much. Now we can do one every day! Tomorrow we head to a big gymnasium with gymnastics equipment, a trapeze, a giant foam pit and lots of  things to bounce and climb on and the kids all work on their strength and coordination and have a blast. We also spend a lot of time at the library, but that’s not particularly new. We spend way more time outside and Josie works on her reading, math, and science understanding through regular activities like cooking, playing and reading to me, alone, and listening to others.



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