Ewan at 7.5 months

Well no point in even pretending I’m close to a 7 month update now. Let’s just make this an official 7.5 month update. I don’t feel like he even did a ton of changing from month 6 to 7 even, but in the last two weeks lots to talk about! In his 7th month he mostly worked on learning to crawl better and faster, enjoying his ability to move around.

In the last few weeks though he’s made some major new brain connections. He now understands where he is not allowed to go (the bathroom, the kitchen) and tries to sneak his way into them by being stealthy. He also likes to pretend he’s just going to play with the gear magnets on the fridge, and then make a break for the cat food, litter or water dish when he thinks we aren’t looking. He also knows that if he wants my attention he can go for the cord under my desk that I haven’t figured out how to babyproof yet. It doesn’t hang down, and I need one thing to be plugged in there for all the computer stuff. The toilet is a toy right? it even sounds like TOY-let yes?

He loves to be going around exploring, either at home, my parents house, the library and the science museum. Today at the museum he had an employee just sitting with him bringing him item after item to touch and explore, like shells, sponges, bones, and pillows of different textures. He’s very rewarding with his smiles. If he’s feeling unsure though he’s all mamas boy. He mostly likes to hit things together or put them in his mouth. He also loves his sisters and see what they’re up to and if he can get his hands onto it. He does not understand too well that they are also my children and deserving of my attention. Unless he’s nursing, he does not like me reading to the girls, especially if they are in my lap. He just throws a fit that he is not the one in my lap and looks really pitiful, Josie will generally give in, Celia won’t. He does love to take a nice morning nap while nursing as I read to the girls though. You should imagine the scene with him on my lap on a pillow, one girl on each side of me, plus George the 19 lb cat trying to find a place to sit on my lap and usually one of the girls at the same time. Yesterday George gave Ewan’s head a complete bath during reading time to show how much he loves us.

Just in the last couple of days Ewan’s finally started to eat a tiny bit of food. He had mostly been refusing it previously so I have barely even been trying. Now he’ll swallow a few bites, broccoli is a favorite and banana and black beans have also been enjoyed. Avocado a little, just in case you thought we only fed him foods that start with B. He still nurses all night long and cuddles.

No idea how much he weights or how long he is, but he’s getting bigger and chunky too. He’s solidly wearing 12 month clothes, with a few 9 month clothes hanging around still. Tooth number 6 is about to make it’s arrival! We have also been battling major rash as he poops all morning long and frequently throughout the day too if anyone has any brilliant suggestions. He also just bit my shoulder tonight to get my attention for the first time, so that’s a not so fun strategy he’s trying out, let’s hope he learns quickly that it does not work.

Physically he’s close to walking. He can stand for several seconds before slowly lowering himself to the ground. He can pull up to standing on pretty much anything, including a flat wall. He does a bit of cruising, but mostly just drops back down to crawling to get around any significant distance.

Ewan at 7.5 months

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