Celia at 3.33

Being a bit behind, Celia has now turned 3 and one third years old! She has taken a delightful turn from being 2 and now is three and has a bit more self control, moderation and patience. A bit anyway. She is still a super big ball of energy and love and hams it up for the camera for me with lots of emotion. Lots of emotion is always her thing actually! Lots of love, and lots of intensity. Winter has been tough being inside all the time, she’s missing out on riding her bike and playing in the sand. We are trying to get out more into the snow when it’s available but with the early darkness and school there isn’t a ton of time to be out there.

One of Celia’s most requested activities when she gets to pick are board games. She plays high-ho cherry oh, sequence for kids, busytown, plus uno and go fish as well as others I’m not remembering right now. She’s gotten the hang of counting out spaces and following the rules. We’re still working on being a good sport when losing, but she actually wins a good percentage of the time, at least when there’s a good amount of luck involved.

Academically she’s doing fantastically learning her letters and numbers. She can recognize most of the letters, definitely the most common ones. She also knows the numbers up to 20. Beyond that has been a challenge so far, we’ve been using the ‘i have, who has’ games with her that they do in Josie’s classroom. (Yes I take the Kindergarten work and use it on my three year old, more on that later) She ‘reads’ us books, like Red Hat, Green Hat and other things she’s memorized. She also wants me to make her ‘homework’ which involves tracing letters and words that I print out from the computer. She’s very good with her horizontal, vertical lines and circles, but the slants come out straight unless she’s tracing right on something.

Most every morning she’ll ask me if today is a gymnastics day. She loves her gymnastics classes and is progressing well in them. Wearing a leotard is mandatory, even in the local rec classes, she pretty much refused to do class the one day she didn’t have a leotard to wear. She says her favorite is the beam and being up high. She doesn’t get that from me.

As for her siblings. She’s been known to hug Ewan so hard he spits up all the food he just ate. She always wants to help out with him as well, bringing me diapers and toys. At the same time she can verbalize that she’s mad and jealous of him, all perfectly normal. It’s tough being a middle child I think. She loves Josie but gets a bit sick of being bossed around. She’s doing better standing up for herself lately and changing the games, but for now Celia always insists on being the baby and making Josie be the mommy. I’ve got my ears peeled for when she’ll allow a role reversal at playtime. Josie is definitely her favorite playmate though.

  • Size/weight: 4T’s, 33lbs
  • Favorite foods: cheese, tomatoes, pasta
  • Favorite toy: dress up and pretend
  • Favorite book: Arthur series
  • Favorite activity: playing pretend
  • Sleeping: bedtime ~7:45; gets up about 6:30
  • New skill: memorizing books, using her words when she’s upset
  • Teeth: holding steady with all 20
  • Literacy: reading us books that she’s memorized

Celia at 3.25

Celia doing 'homework'

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