Happy (late) birthday Jordi!

A bit over a week ago we celebrated Jordi’s birthday! Now before the kids were born Jordi used to go regularly rock climbing with a friend and he enjoyed it. Then we had kids, and him spending an entire weekend morning disappearing and then being super-tired after wasn’t exactly working for us, and his friend moved away. But no more! The girls wanted to give Jordi a chance to go rock climbing with them for his birthday. So on his birthday morning we went to Quebrada and then off we went to the local rock climbing wall. Where it was strangely super-parked up. We went inside and found out that they were having a competition and were all disappointed. But Jordi took the girls in to show them the walls and the competition, where he found out that they were only using the bouldering walls and that the climbing walls were completely empty. So it was even better than normal actually! They had a few self-belay setups as well that would retract the line automatically so Jordi could climb too. We all had a good time, Ewan was napping and then watching from my back. Josie made it almost up the whole wall! Celia enjoyed giving it a go too.

Then we hit up Costco for a cheap nearby pizza lunch. We relaxed in the afternoon for a while before going out to dinner in Davis Square with my parents at a burger place before returning home for some yummy ice cream cake. Happy late birthday Jordi!

Celia, Jordi, Ewan and Josie

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