Happy Hanukah!

Had a nice evening together with my parents. I made Latkes, proved myself wrong when I said this morning, I can’t hold a baby and fry things at the same time (safely).


Here’s where Ewan was while I cooked. The foreground is my shoulder. I took this picture.

Ewan on my back

And if you could be so kind as to merge the next two photos in your head since I’m not quite talented to do it on screen, you’ll get a picture with everyone looking! Because that was the only photo that had Ewan looking at the camera.

Ewan looking at the camera
Everyone else looking at the camera

I made out like a bandit with a new lens! A nifty fifty that opens all the way to 1.4!

Ewan with the lens wide open

The girls had a great time playing driedel, opening their gifts and eating fried foods. Celia trounced us in a game of Sequence for kids. Gotta get Josie to slow down and actually play Blokus with me sometime by the rules. And I got them all shirts with their names embroidered on it, for fun, and to help my grandmother  with Alzheimers maybe remember who is who.

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