After the kids are in bed, the cats will play

Here’s three of my babies too. They need their own toys!

Fred in the castle, made out of a washing machine box my neighbor conveniently had delivered.

Fred in the castle

Mio under the baby gym which is on top of the castle.

Mio on the baby gym

And George, sleeping on the Boppy which is a nursing pillow for those who aren’t familiar. We use it to give Ewan the support to prop himself up just enough to sit up alone.

George on the boppy

And as I’m done writing this, Fred has joined Mio at the gym, but while he might need it, doesn’t look like he’s working out. Ezzy also likes to play with the gym too on the floor batting at the toys.

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  1. leg Says:

    A most excellent cat castle. It just need some more height to survey the realm.

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