Ewan at 4 months

Today Ewan turns 4 months! He is an active talkative little baby boy. He is constantly babbling most of the day along with the girls, contributing to the high ambient noise level. He loves to have conversations, especially while we’re changing his diaper making all sorts of throat and bubbly noises along with n’s.

He loves to grab everything and it keeps him busy to put toys nearby for him to handle and shove into his mouth. Everything goes into his mouth, my hands, toys, cats. The cats are very interesting for him now too, previously he’d been ignoring them. They put themselves right into harms way because they want to be pet. Ezzy generally jumps right onto the changing table right when I go to change him if she’s not already there and sits right next to his head.

He wants to be involved and included in everything. He loves to be carried to be right in the action and be able to see it all. He resists napping when he can see exciting things going on around him, but when it gets calm he’ll drop off easily. He sits at the table with us now as we eat and plays with toys. His favorite is just a chain of links that can be gnawed on. He watches us as we bring food to our mouths again and again, trying to grab for himself. He also chews along with us.

Ewan enjoys swinging in the baby swings and loves when the girls give him great one on one attention. He’s more aware now of who is holding him and often desires just mommy. He’s a great snuggler and I love how well he can just cuddle in when he’s tired and fall asleep on my shoulder. He wants to be carried to sleep all the time, but he’s accepting more of being put down in bed. He’ll stay in bed 11 to 12 hours at night, but he’s been a very frequent waker, we’re working on that.

Don’t know exactly how big he is, we’ll find out next week but he’s reaching the limit of his 6 month clothes so we’ll size up soon. He’s spending a lot of time working on his arm muslces and tummy ones. He can sit up for a few seconds before toppling over and can push himself over with his feet. He’ll stand on his own weight too as we hold him up. Pretty much right on track with the girls and their physical development. He’ll even move his feet to walk if we’re holding him on his feet.

Lots of pictures, all from today, as we had breakfast with Josie, then Celia’s gymnastics class. Later after picking up Josie and going to costco we had some more time at home.

Ewan's hands

The view from above.

At the table

Eating breakfast, the girls anyway.

up close

Working on those shoulder and back muscles

watching the gymnasts

Could roll if I wanted to!

sucking those fingers

Still loves those fingers.

the giggler


straight on

It’s hard to tell what color his eyes are still, they’re so dark!

standing tall

Standing with help!

big and little

Just a little lean!

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