Date night

This past weekend, to try to help with our children feeling like they don’t get any alone time, we had ‘date night’, in the afternoon. My parents took Celia and we took Josie (and Ewan stays with me always cause he’s a baby). Celia originally wanted to get ice cream and go to my parents house, but the draw of their toys was just too much and they skipped the ice cream and went to play. They played games, raked leaves and jumped in them, and ate mandarin oranges. Josie had been wanting to see a movie and so we made some snacks (puppy chow and popcorn) and sat down and watched “The Lorax” with her. She wanted us to turn it off multiple times because it was too scary but she got through it. After we did puzzles. And this is now how we roll doing puzzles. He’s not quite coordinated enough yet to really get a piece in his mouth, just move them around a bit.

Ewan puzzling it out

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