Celia’s third third birthday party

That’s her 3rd party celebrating her 3rd birthday that I’m speaking of. This is the family party, in our house, home made cake and oh the presents galore! We request none for the friends parties because oh my do we get quite the pile from our relatives already. We spent a good part of our regular day making Celia’s cake. We chose an ambitious chocolate one because I haven’t really made a chocolate one previously that I’ve liked. I made half the regular cake size though because there aren’t all that many of it. It was super delicious and I’d make it again if I have time. But it definitely took most of the day (along with the rest of the regular child care). Celia picked an owl theme again.

We enjoyed playing the rest of the day and Celia couldn’t wait for everyone to come over and have her preferred dinner, lemon cream pasta with spinach. My poor mom had to bring her own pasta dinner as this isn’t one she could eat.

Celia loved her presents enjoying many new books, crafts and even her own sleepsack (because she kicks the blankets all off and then tries to take ours, see it below). Happy birthday my darling Cecilia!

Celia's 3rd birthday cake

My parents and kids on the couch

Celia blowing out her candles

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