Apple Picking 2013

We celebrated fall with our usual activity, apple picking. This year we were even on the ball enough to go almost in September! Usually we’re a bit later in the season. I remember going three years ago waiting and waiting for Celia to arrive while we went. We went again to Honeypot hill orchards and picked lots of great apples. Josie decided she likes the honey crisp ones the best for eating out of hand. The rest were mostly baking apples so I definitely agreed with her. They were sweet and all the apples were very juicy. Both girls were great at picking this year and following proper picking etiquette. Celia’s favorite part may have been throwing the half eaten apples under a tree once she was done trying them.

We started off our day having a picnic breakfast of dunkin donuts on my parents front lawn. It was the fastest way to get us moving on the way out to picking.

Papa Celia and Josie picnicing

Then we all headed out in our minivan, me and Ewan in the back row, which thankfully made him a much happier traveler. We got there and headed out to pick apples first.

Walkin in

Entering the orchard, the only one that would pose


And then I handed Ewan to my dad so I could take pictures and pick apples and he could get some quality baby time in.

Celia picking an apple

Josie picking an apple

Pictures are of course the point of apple picking. And it was a very lovely day for it all.

Karen, Mike and Ewan

snuggling the baby

Sampling the offerings

On the way out there was a gorgeous tree in full fall transition and so I had everyone pose in front of it for new pictures for my walls.



After picking the apples Jordi brought them back to the car so we could go to the hayride and all the other amusements.

Josie and Celia do a funny dance

Then we got to go on the hayride.

Josie on the hay ride

Ewan on the hay ride

We saw the three little pigs, the goats, the chickens and bunnys. We ate donuts and veggie burgers before heading back home.

Those apples made their way into a yummy crisp and applesauce, both of which were devoured quickly. The girls helped me do the chopping withe some butter knives. Josie’s got a real technique.

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