Ewan at two months

Ewan has turned into a smiley happy baby by the end of this month. He’s got great head control and wants to look around at his world and see what’s going on. The girls make great entertainment for him sitting in his seat so I can do chores or take care of my own basic needs. Some of his favorite time now is getting his diaper changed on the changing table. He can see us really well and spends a lot of time talking and smiling and laughing at whoever is doing the changing. It’s definitely some of his best one-on-one time in this busy household!

He loves to be carried in the wrap facing out to see the world until he’s tired, but if I face him in he’ll just sleep the entire time up to three hours. Very handy when I want to get something done and enforce a nap. These days his sleeping pattern is still all over the place but with Josie’s school getting out at just past 2 every day, we walk to pick her up and he falls asleep while being carried regularly. Otherwise we catch them as we go and he’s generally only awake for 3 hours at a time. At night he’s awake 3 times a night, or more. I’ve been mostly good about going to bed really early myself so that is helping.

He likes to play with his mat and bat at the toys and talk to them. He also loves to stand up on my lap and practice his strength. Just this week he learned to pick up his head completely while on his belly and look around. He’s also started to notice the cats and follow them. He also likes to look at our wall of art in the dining room.

He is willing to be put down frequently, but does love to be held and won’t sleep long without me holding him or sleeping next to him. Thankfully we do try to do a lot of walking and I carry him for those naps.

He went to the doc a few days before his official 2 month birthday and came in at 24 inches long and 11 lbs even. He’s gaining weight like crazy, seems like overnight he outgrows more clothes. He’s wearing 6 month clothes now and the stuff from the girls that has been washed and shrunk many times fits very well, the newer stuff has a tiny bit of room to grow. We’ll be on to the 9 month clothes in no time.

He likes a bath, until it’s time to get out and be wet and cold. He loves to nurse and won’t ever stop of his own accord, I always have to stop him. No wonder he grows so well! He loves his sisters and they’ve managed not to maim him yet despite some vigorous loving and touching.

Everyone has an opinion on who he looks like. And they all say different things, which is pretty funny. Here’s one of his new tricks, making funny faces and sticking out his tongue at us.

Ewan at two months

Ewan, serious

My impression? he looks more like Josie did as a baby than Celia. But of course they’ve all got the same parents, so it’s similar.

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  1. Pama Says:

    Such a cutie! and doing so well. Here’s to his family!

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