The early morning beach tradition

When I asked Josie what she wanted to do this summer on vacation she said she wanted to get dunkin donuts and go to the beach really early. This came about because last year we did just that because the girls were getting up soooo early in the morning so I thought it might as well take advantage and go get some of that nice morning light. Plus coffee. Apparently she thinks of it now as tradition as that was what she repeatedly asked me to do. So one morning I got us up and out and we went. Problem was we barely had any clear skies. I literally took about 5 minutes of pictures with some sun and then the whole place was covered in clouds again. Which doesn’t make for such pretty beach shots (yay lightroom). Thankfully they decided to cooperate for those five minutes. They loved jumping off the ledge and making sand castle ‘cakes’. But without any shovel or buckets (I had my hands full enough with food and three kids) the morning was short lived and we came back to bring the rest of the household back to it’s normal loud level.

For the photography geeks. These were taken with my 35mm DX lens because I didn’t want to have to step back far from Ewan while the girls held him. But now on my full frame camera it produces a vignette (the black around the edges and corners) which I’m actually finding to be kinda cool and a neat vintage effect. Or perhaps I’m just too captivated with the instagram look like everyone else. Maybe Santa will bring me a 50mm that’s for full frame.






2 Responses to “The early morning beach tradition”

  1. Pama Says:

    So precious.. a morning meant to be enjoyed.

  2. Sonya Espinoza Says:

    These pictures are fantastic. They are some of the most beautiful family portraits I’ve seen. You have a gift .

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