Visiting great-grandma

A few weeks ago, before our vacation we went to visit my grandmother (my mom’s mom) and today we went again to celebrate her birthday, she’ll be 95 years old in a few more days! She got to meet Ewan and hold him and she enjoyed him very much.

Celia, Josie, Karen, Ruth and Ewan

But she thinks we should have spelled his name with a U, since it is pronounced with a U. And clearly I should have put socks on him today when it was in the 70’s and he was wearing an ankle to wrist covering outfit. And his ears are too big (“like not normal big” she says in a whisper). And I shouldn’t be letting the girls touch him. And I wipe him wrong. But yep that’s my Bubie! 🙂 She can’t believe I have three kids, but she heartily enjoyed the cupcakes and lipstick we brought her.

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