This week, because I can barely remember it already

This week we’ve been busy. My second week of just me and the kids, including a three week old baby. I know I’ll never remember this beyond a few days and I can barely even recall the entire week right now, so here it is for my own recall 🙂 Somehow nursing a baby and changing his diaper eats up a lot of time.

Monday: Waited for the cleaning woman to show up in the morning and then hit up the zoo for lunch and most of the afternoon. We got ice cream on the way home. Josie whacked Celia in the face with the dog ball throwing stick from our neighbors.

Tuesday: Sing-a-long in the morning at the library, read books, and grocery store in the afternoon.

Wednesday: Morning we hosted the upcoming Kindergarteners playdate. Can’t remember what we did in the afternoon, clear sign of me losing sleep. I got Celia to take a nap and got to spend a little one on one time with Josie.

Thursday: Took the girls into the city to wade in frog pond, had a picnic lunch with Jordi, and visited the globes including hearing the mayor speak about them. Played with friends for a short while when we got home and then went to an outdoor concert at the main library with a picnic dinner.

Friday: Storytime at the library in the morning (we spend a lot of time at the local library), took Ewan to the doctor before having lunch with Jordi at home. Then we did art, reading/writing work and general free play until snack time, then joined the next door neighbors for a bike ride and dinner al fresco.

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