Celia at 2.75

Oh my I’m a little behind, but hey I had a baby only two days after Celia’s 2 and 3/4 years of life after having lots of pre-labor labor, and now said baby usually keeps me on the couch every evening feeding him until we both go to bed. As for Celia she keeps us hopping all day long from when she wakes us up in the morning till she drops at night.

Celia has now taken the crown as person who talks the most in our family, and that’s no easy feat considering Josie talks almost constantly as well. It is very loud at our house and can be hard to get a word in or get someone to listen to you. We’re still working on teaching her the skill of not interrupting.

Celia is loving our new addition to the family. She’s not too frustrated with him yet and asks to hold him at least 5 times a day. She gives him lots of kisses and hugs and is always asking ‘where is the baby?’ Ewan in return gives her open mouth kisses trying to see if she will nurse him. She’s excited to be big, but also likes to pretend to be the baby too in her pretend play a lot. Josie often plays the part of the mother in this game.

Fruits and vegetables are Celia’s favorite foods, to the detriment of trying to get her to eat anything else. It provides good nutrition so long as I can get some protein in there too with cheese, beans or eggs, but often hard to get her to eat enough calories to keep her from getting hungry before the next meal or snack. She loves tomatoes and I serve a side of those with most every lunch and dinner.

Celia is not very interested by art these days, finishing up her projects quickly, she’s much more interested in big active movements. She’s very much looking forward to starting gymnastics again this fall. She loves to dance to the ‘movement songs’ we got from Josie’s preschools, hopping around on the inflatable horse we have, and riding her bike all over the place. She rides the little red balance bike we’ve got all over the place, to Waldo, around the cemetery and to Quebrada. She rides up and down the hills and glides her way all over town keeping up with Josie on her pedal bike. She could possibly even use a real bike at this point if we tried, but I don’t think I’d quite trust her common sense and judgement yet.

At home, Celia loves to read and to play dress up and pretend. She pretends almost every day to be going to gymnastics, including the outfit changes and the car rides. She also plays doctor frequently or ballerina. As always, very active and always moving. She has a hard time sitting still, normal for a two year old, even when eating.  She will sit still to read which we do frequently while the baby is nursing. She’s also taken a big interest in having her own ‘reading lessons’ like Josie and so I’ve started her on the book of learning to read, it just starts with memorizing poems about letter sounds. She has also completed a few cutting books and is an excellent scissor user, following directions and cutting complicated patterns. We’ve also started a book on tracing, which is beginning lettering as her hand control is improving. I can also make her letter tracing patterns on the computer as she wants to be just like big sister and write. She recognizes a few letters and very much knows the number 7, as that’s when she’s allowed to wake us up in the morning in addition to being the number on the bus (77) that most frequently is by our house.

She has thankfully gotten past the toughest part of the 2.5 stage, just shy of 2.75 years old. She’s often frustrated and disappointed still that the world isn’t going her way, and I have to physically reinforce the rules a lot which now that I’m not pregnant is thankfully not so bad. But she recovers from her disappointments a bit quicker and can regain her composure to have a discussion at times. All in all she’s still an enthusiastic kid, loves to play with the big kids at the park and gives lots of love and cuddles. I’m so very happy she fits back into my lap again. We will be starting homeschool preschool with our same family friends that I did it with Josie two years ago with our second set of kids while the first-borns are in school and I think she’s going to do great.

  • Size/weight: 3T and 4T, ~31 lbs
  • Favorite foods: tomatoes, cheese, most fruit in general
  • Favorite toy: leotards
  • Favorite book: the little engine that could
  • Favorite activity: riding her bike, playing with Josie
  • Sleeping: bedtime ~8; nap is gone except for occasional car naps, gets up between 6:30 and 7
  • New skill: using the toilet, recognizing numbers, excellent scissors and beginning writing
  • Teeth: all 20
  • Vocalizations: most vocal person in the family certainly, says ‘him/her’ instead of ‘he/she’

Celia at 2.75

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