Josie’s art from school

This is more of a documenting post, just trying to preserve some pictures of Josie’s artwork throughout her year at preschool. They sent home a bunch of stuff on the last day all at once.

Josie and Celia dreawingAbove is a drawing of Josie and Celia, done recently.

Josie Christmas traditions

Above is Josie’s drawing of the different holiday traditions around our house, including, baking cookies, shoes going on top of presents, decorating the Christmas tree and lighting the menorah.

Josie circle time mat

Above is Josie’s circle time mat, she decorated it in the beginning of the year and sat on it every day for their circle time where they discussed the date, the weather, and celebrated each persons special day with their clue box surprise!

Josie diploma

Above is Josie’s diploma! No big ceremony or anything for us, just simply handed this.

Josie flower and sun drawingAbove is a very typical drawing from Josie these days, her flowers and sun, often times it includes a rainbow as well.

Josie house art

Above is a house they were supposed to put our family into and decorate, this is her second version though where she got free reign in how it was designed. I love the person going down the chimney head first.


Josie jeweled person

Josie used some leftover jewels from another project to add to her typical person and flower pictures.

Josie leaf

Above is Josie’s work from last fall when they discussed where they might land as a leaf. She did two versions of this one too, the other one said she’d land on her sisters head.

Josie self-portrait-nov2012

Above is Josie’s self portrait from November. Interesting and kinda troll-like 🙂

Josie self-portrait_may2013

And this one is from May, looks a lot happier, more hair!

Josie snowstorm

Above is Josie’s picture of her looking out the window during the snow storm. Interesting how the playing in the snow wasn’t apparently the part that stood out. She’s often quite literal, so literally during the storm she was inside looking out.

Josie summer memory

Above this is from early in the school year. I think the picture is supposed to be of a rainbow. Not sure what else it could be 🙂 But we certainly did go to Thompson spray park with friends.

Josie winter drawing

And above this is mid-winter, she did love the hot chocolate after coming in from the cold. It’s sitting on a table.

Overall we’ve seen a lot of progress in her art this year, adding in more body parts and details to her pictures. We have one on our wall right now I need to take a picture of because she shows a great perspective.

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