Happy Father’s Day!

We had a busy father’s day here. We started off the morning with Jordi getting to sleep in before heading to Quebrada for a late second breakfast for the girls. We took some time talking to Jordi’s parents upon our return and wishing them an enjoyable day. Then my parents came over and we headed to the newest restaurant in town, Menotomy Grill & Tavern. We enjoyed a tasty lunch and getting to walk there and back as it’s the closest full service restaurant to us now! My dad even had some native to Harrisburg beer that my aunt and uncle are partial to. (yes we do go from meal to meal all day long)

We came back home to have a little rest and digestion with some playtime and reading before the girls and Jordi and Mike headed out for a bike ride. Since I’ve been pregnant I haven’t been out riding as I don’t feel so steady (I can fall over on flat ground lately), Josie no longer fits in the trailer, and so this was Celia’s first ride in the trailer at all this year. Josie rode behind Jordi on the tag-a-long bike and Celia was pulled by my dad for the first time he’s used the trailer. Should have gotten the camera out to get some shots of the crew, but I didn’t move fast enough. They enjoyed a bike ride over to spy pond and spent a long time at the playground together. My mom and I did some laundry and then worked on the new baby quilt, the top is almost done which is fantastic because that’s all I’ll be finishing before we have a baby and a name.

Then the bike riders were back and we made dinner on the grill and some homemade kitkat ice cream before shuffling the kids off to a slightly early bedtime as they’ve been up very late for a few days.

Jordi teaching Josie how to tie up the canoe


Mike and Celia with the bubble gun

Mike and Josie

Happy Fathers day to all the fathers out there!



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