Go Red Sox!

I was a bad influence this Wednesday and convinced not only Jordi, but both my parents to play hookie from their obligations as well because I got a few cheap redsox tickets, and they bought some more. It was a gorgeous day and I got the tickets just in the late morning for a song from someone who couldn’t make it. The team hasn’t been selling out the stadium anymore so I could actually buy tickets the day of, for even the same part of the park! We drove down in the minivan and with my mom’s legit handicapped placard scored some sweet street parking right nearby.

Josie practiced her reading skills and was loving reading us the scoreboard and telling us what was going on. She’s just starting to understand the game. Celia understood it as a place that you sit and eat continuously for about three hours some yummy food. She had goldfish, then trail mix, then pizza and lemonade and ice cream. I didn’t bring my camera since I knew sitting in those seats was going to be tough enough on me for that length of time, so we just had my dad’s camera and my ipod.

Celia was pretty awestruck for most of the evening. Finally at the end once the ice cream and the fatigue set in (she refused to nap because RED SOX!!!!) she started to get comfortable and get in the spirit. She’d dance at the inbetween songs and clap. She wasn’t scared when the crowd roared, but she wasn’t sure about the whole thing either. She stayed close to me most of the time and just kept eating. We didn’t expect to go to a game this year at all, so with the gorgeous weather it was a real treat!

Mike and Karen enjoying the game Josie and Jordi watching and eating ice cream Celia and the diamond All of us outside the ballpark

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