Celia at two and a half

Celia has continued to develop into her own little person with some BIG opinions. I find two and a half to be a tough age with both my girls. They have a lot of strong wills, most of their words, but a hard time to delay self-gratification or think of others. They can be quite a dictator. Of course on the flip side they are generally very charming and good at getting people to do things for them. Celia will talk to strangers now, especially if Josie is there, and tell them all about our life and what we’ve been doing. She’s getting better at joining our dinner conversations too and telling Jordi about our day each evening.

She has a cute speech imperfection now which is that she doesn’t use the words ‘I, she, or he’ very much. Generally it’s ‘Her want more food?’ or ‘Me want some snack’. She eats a lot and often.

She had dropped her nap for about a month, and now it’s back again and seems to be very much needed. It seemed as though she was going through a major speech development phase for a while and now she can explain herself much better. She’s not hitting or shoving as much and playtime with Josie goes much more smoothly so long as they both listen to one another. They still have the normal trouble of each having their own ideas and just ignoring the other person, but it’s more balanced now.

She loves to read, dance, do gymnastics and art. She wants to constantly be busy and her default is to try to find her leotard and play pretend gymnastics or ballet class. She loves to ride her bike and just go go go.

Since I’ve been pregnant Celia has decided to wean since there’s no milk and it feels so early to me. But it does make life easier on me and it was her decision so we’ll just have to go with it.

Celia has been completely uninterested in the toilet, although we just got a new library book about it and that has rekindled her interest a bit. I’m not worrying too much about it either way right now. I remember that it’s a lot more work to constantly having to be taking a kid to the bathroom rather than just changing their diaper!

She loves to play outside in the sand table and down at the park. We’ve been playing a lot lately with a 4 year old girl who lives across the street and the three of them seem to manage pretty well. She also enjoys the library and picking out new books for herself.

Academically we’ve been working on some letters with her and what sounds they make. She’s also been able to start ‘reading’ some books such as ‘Red Hat, Green Hat’ because she can just look at the pictures and they match the words perfectly. We’ll start up homeschool preschool in the fall with my friend Saralynn again and her second child.

She wants to be very independent and continue to keep up with big sister. She has learned how to put on her own car seat buckles, climb into the car and close the door herself. She also puts on all her own clothes, including socks and shoes. She can often do her own zipper.

All in all she’s one big ball of enthusiasm and umph, just try to make sure your plans align with hers 🙂

  • Size/weight: 3T, 38.25″ tall, 30.25 lbs
  • Favorite foods: cheese, tomato, avocado
  • Favorite toy: leotard
  • Favorite book: red hat, blue hat
  • Favorite activity: riding her bike, playing with Josie
  • Sleeping: bedtime ~8; one nap 1 hr at 1:30; gets up between 6 and 7
  • New skill: full coherent sentences and stories, zipping her jacket, putting on her shoes
  • Teeth: all 20
  • Vocalizations: telling stories and giving good descriptions

Celia running

Celia pretending to be a toddler Mary Poppins

All lined up

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    Celia is an adorable little girl, with so many ideas, growing so well…

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