10 years!

10 years ago yesterday I married the love of my life! It’s been quite a ride this last decade, plus the 5 years before that we’ve been together. Two kids a few trips to Europe, the Caribbean and places closer to home. Four jobs, two cars, up to 7 cats at a time, and actually the same house through it all. It seems like just yesterday and then some days it seems so far away with the crazy life of the kids. So here’s to ten more wonderful years, 1 more kid, probably a new house, having to say goodbye to some cats, introduction to elementary education, and hopefully a few great trips exploring the world with our little people.

We were supposed to be in Florida as of yesterday, but Celia was too sick to travel and risk exposing relatives to our nasty virus. That’s been postponed a month. But instead we drove the kids down to Kondeitor Meister and picked up the same kind of cake we all enjoyed on our wedding day (even though it looks quite different). We’re so happy to have those of you in our lives that were able to celebrate that time with us! And we miss those we’ve lost since then.

Jen and Jordi's anniversary cake

Jordi and Jen cut the cake

Enjoy a look back through our wedding photos. Taunt your children with reminding them that the world existed before they were born and that you too were once in your early twenties! Our kids don’t seem to really believe it but they do like looking at the pictures of my cousins Abby and Ally and seeing when they were ‘big kids’.

4 Responses to “10 years!”

  1. Pama Says:

    To a wonderful couple enjoying their lives together. And, with such lucky, and beautiful children.

  2. Abuela Says:

    Congratulations to a wonderful and beautiful couple !!!

  3. Susan Says:

    Wow… I feel old. Really 10 years? Yikes.

    Congrats! Maybe Larry will get you a wedding gift in the next ten years!

  4. Diane Says:

    Congratulations Jen and Jordi! Can’t believe it has been ten years already. Love to all of you!

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