Ice skating at the end of the season

The girls and Jordi went along with my dad ice skating quite a few weekends this year, enough to go through a whole pass of tickets and some more. The difference from the first try to now has been amazing. We got Celia some single blade skates and she’s determined to move herself across the ice. Josie likes to hang out, but when we found her a friend at the last session, she just went around and around holding that little girls hand in friendship and moving herself along. Nothing like a new friend for some motivation! Celia is mostly walking but she just goes where she wants, when she wants. Here’s a rare photo of her holding on to one finger as she watches the action around her. My dad’s facebook page has some video of them actually moving to get the real effect. Can’t wait to join them next year zipping around the ice.

Celia skating with Papa

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