Celia’s quilt

This week we got the quilt I made for Celia back from the quilter. I made the top and bottom, but the quilt is too big for me to machine quilt on my machine and there’s no way I’m going to hand quilt something so I sent it out to a woman with a ‘longarm’ quilt machine who sewed the lovely flowers on the top and the bottom and even did the binding for me. It’s a mis-mash design on top, nothing official, just something I made up from some pictures I saw on the web and liked too. It was my first applique usage too. The back is all purple, same as Celia’s name.

Celia's quilt

And now I’m on to the next one. Josie got a bug theme quilt, Celia got an elephant one, and the new baby will have an owl theme. Hopefully I’ll be close to done with it by the time the baby arrives and not as late as I was with Celia!

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  1. Pama Says:

    Gorgeous, as always! These quilts are great keepsakes that your children will cherish.

  2. Abuela Says:

    Beautiful !!!

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