We had a lot of snow last weekend

We had lots of snow, lots of shoveling, and lots of sledding. Celia can happily go by herself now down the hill but had trouble getting up it yet. This week when we went again just the three of us Josie graciously helped her sister up the hill and carried the sled. Much better than last year with me lugging all three up the hill!

Celia, just went down the hill by herself

Here’s Celia on the slow pile in back of the house.

Celia, on top of the backyard snowpile

Josie on the snow pile in front of the house, she can crawl all the way to the windows and the porch and reach in. It’s been a few years since we’ve had this much snow. Josie, able to look in the front window

And you can also get a sense of how high the snow was without shoveling or drifts, it was up to their wasit, as cut through by the snow thrower.

The height of the snow

Walking home from sledding, cars aren’t allowed out on the roads yet so it was easy getting around where it was plowed.

Walking home



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