A morning in the life

Today was Friday, Josie went to school, Celia and I got to spend some time with just the two of us. Lately Celia has been telling me, and then later Josie, how much she misses Josie every time she goes to school. She says ‘Josie get’s lost at school’. I brought along my camera for our morning at the library to entertain myself. I’ll have to bring it into school next time and get some shots of Josie in there. We started off with a short photoshoot in the library staircase.

Celia peeking


Then we moved down to the basement where the kids library is and she immediately ran for the water fountain. Once she got her fill, or perhaps I had mine, I brought her over to the books and she wanted toys instead. I brought her one set of circus toys and she declared that it was no good. We traded it in for the ‘farm’ play set and then she was happy. I took the opportunity to work on my lifestyle images which I don’t typically take. So I was the looney toon mom laying on the floor photographing my kid in public playing with some little toys. She made up a story with them. The little dog was sad. He was driving around in the tractor. He went on a long trip and then he felt better. After we played for a while, we had to jet to a doctors appointment for me, where I got some nice antibiotics because I’ve been coughing and sneezing for several weeks now. After the doc we went back to pick up Josie and brought us all home for lunch.




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