Doing the December Holidays (part 1)

December is always a busy time celebrating multiple things, my birthday, Hanukah and Christmas all in a few short weeks plus all the decorating and such. We manage to cram it all in there but boy it is tiring to have so much to do every night after the kids finally go to sleep!

We started off with getting a tree but had a lot of trouble getting to decorate it as we had so many things going on like Hanukah parties and other kids birthday parties. So the tree stood there naked for a while. One day we got lights on. Every day we tried to get a little done and by the end of the week we had bejeweled it with ornaments and the star.

Celia putting the star on the tree

The lit up tree at night

The girls still cannot resist touching everything on the tree so the fragile stuff goes about 4 feet up and a number of ornaments just weren’t hung on the tree for our own sanity.

Also during the same time we were doing Hanukah. I tried to get an interesting picture of the candles and failed, somehow I just couldn’t make it dramatic or anything.

The candles on the third night
We were very diligent this year and lit them for every night but this combined with my birthday made Celia oh so very confused. Every time we lit up the candles she wanted to sing Happy Birthday. But then by the end of the week she was disappointed it was not ‘Hanukah time!’, as she called it, once we were done. Kids do latch onto those traditions quickly! And we were also doing our advent calendar simultaneously so that added to the confusion. Josie insisted that we only do the advent calendar once every two days so that both of them could do one at the same time. Since they were both amenable we went with it, but I think Celia will catch on that Josie got more of the ‘exciting’ things to put on the felt tree next year. Josie was very sweet and let Jordi and I do the last day’s item, the santa, in her stead.

We went to two Hanukah parties this year which was awesome because someone else got to stand there and do the frying and I got to enjoy multiple days of fried potatoes! Plus of course the people were fun to hang out with too.

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